Diamond V launches immune health technology for dogs and cats

Global animal health business Diamond V has launched TruMune™, an advanced immune health product specifically for use in dog and cat diets, including complete foods and treats. Diamond V reports that scientific research with TruMune demonstrates the product supports the potential of the immune system for greater mobility, higher activity levels as well as overall performance, health and vitality.

“We tested TruMune over the course of two years in controlled scientific studies conducted at universities and an independent canine research center,” said Dr. Tammi Epp, director of monogastric health research and technical support with Diamond V.


According to Diamond V, the canine research center studies showed that TruMune significantly improves stride length, activity per kilometer and average moving speed per kilometer compared to dogs fed the same diet but without TruMune.

Epp noted that Diamond V products work naturally with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength, support digestive tissue integrity and promote a healthy microbial balance.