5 Myths You Should Know About Cat Nail Caps

Myth #1 – Nails Are Prohibited From Retracting

Definitely a myth! When cat nails express and then retract, the nail is not going up into the paw itself. When a cat relaxes and retracts the nails, this prevents the nails from touching the ground while the cat is walking. While wearing nail caps, the cat’s paws and nails are able to make all the same, natural movements as without. The nails comfortably extend and retract as long as the nail caps are applied properly – this includes being the right size for the cat’s nail, having the nail trimmed prior to application and with just enough glue to adhere.

Myth #2 – They Cause Damage To The Nail And Nail Bed

The Soft Paws brand was created by a veterinarian to be soft and non-toxic to both cats and dogs. When the nail caps are applied correctly, there should never be able damage or discomfort to the cat’s paws or nail beds. Correct application includes:

  • Choosing the nail cap size that is a comfortable fit and shape for each cat’s nails.
  • Using enough glue to adhere, but not too much that it overflows during application. The glue should not touch the cat’s hair, nail bed or skin around the claws.
  • Trimming the nail slightly longer than a normal nail trim (just passed the top of the ‘hook’) and leaving space between the nail cap and the cat’s nail bed.