5 Tips for Treating Your Dog’s Broken Nail

At some point your dog will probably tear, crack or break a nail.

The dew claws — the nails found higher up on the front of the foot — are most susceptible to tearing and breaking. This is because they are more loosely attached than regular nails, putting them more at risk.

One common cause of a cracked or broken nail is nail clipping.

When you’re trimming the dog’s nails, it takes only a small jerk of the dog’s paw to cause a nail to break or chip, and if the dog yanks hard enough, they could tear a nail partially or rip it out completely.

Nails that are too long are more likely to snag and be torn — and long nails are more likely to break or crack when a dog is walking or running on asphalt, concrete, or similar hard surfaces.

In addition, some dogs are just born with weaker nails, making them more susceptible to damage.