5 Dog Chew Toys That Actually Last Longer Than One Day — And They're All Under $12

Dog owners know two things to be true: A pup will bring immense joy into your life, and that same pup will rip through chew toys in mere minutes.

Indeed, these little fur balls will make you feel happiness deep in your soul. But, they also require plenty of love and attention. This includes buying them boxes upon boxes of toys because, as any dog owner will tell you, most will end up in the trash within hours. Dogs simply love to take a new toy, methodically rip out the squeaker, then tear it limb from limb until there are tiny pieces of the poor guy all over the house. (Please someone tell me this isn’t just my dog.) 

As a dog mom, I’ve scoured the globe for dog toys that will stand the test of time. And after five years of puppy motherhood, I’ve found a few brands that are built to last. Here are some toys both new and old dog parents alike should be investing in so their pups can keep their favorite toys pristine for more than just a few days.