Why Turnout Is Important for Your Horse


Horses are healthiest and happiest outdoors in their pastures. There are a number of reasons why your horse should be outside as much as possible. Although many horses will clamor to come into a stable during nasty weather, it’s important that they live outdoors as much as possible.

Sometimes keeping your horse confined in a stall is necessary, such as when a veterinarian prescribes stall rest. Other than that turnout (being outdoors) is crucial to your horse’s health and well-being.

Hoof Health

Blood circulation is essential for hoof health, and horses may not get enough exercise standing in a stall. Standing in manure and urine can also lead to problems like thrush and white line disease.

Hoof growth and strength may be compromised if horses are left to stand in a stall for long periods of time, especially if the bedding is left damp. Exercise encourages natural hoof growth.