Whale dies after 80 plastic bags found crammed in its stomach

whale has died in southern Thailand after swallowing more than 80 plastic bags, marine experts said.

The male pilot whale was found barely alive on May 28 in a canal in the province of Songkhla, near the border with Malaysia, and received treatment from a team of veterinarians.

Photos posted on the Facebook page for ThaiWhales, a local conservation group, showed volunteers trying to help the sick whale, shading it with an umbrella and attempting to give it medicine and fluids.

Volunteers and veterinarians worked for several days trying to save the mammal. But on June 1, the whale vomited five plastic bags and later died, the Marine and Coastal Resources Department said on its website.

An autopsy found 80 bags and other plastic items, weighing around 17 lbs lodged in the whale’s stomach, which made it impossible for the mammal to eat food, marine experts said.

Jatuporn Buruspat, head of the department, said the whale probably thought the floating plastic bags were food.

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