Moo over people, 5G network will initially be used to monitor cows

  • Similar to Fitbits, wearable sensors can be attached to cows that would monitor their health, food intake, breeding
  • The 5G spectrum guarantees high throughput, meaning it can carry huge amounts of data. It has low latency, so there will be almost zero delay before data transfer begins.

As the world readies ultra-fast 5G wireless networks to power driverless cars, remote surgeries and advanced robotics, India will explore how the new technology can work for, yes, cows.

One of India’s first 5G use case labs will be dedicated for monitoring cows and dairy development, a high-level government panel decided on 4 July. The 5G Implementation Oversight Committee, which has representation from the department of telecommunications (DoT), besides a few academics, had met to review the recommendations of the 5G High Level Forum.

DoT, which is finalizing India’s road map for trials and commercial roll-out of 5G, plans to set up the lab, along with the department of science and technology and the National Dairy Development Board. Mint has reviewed a copy of the minutes of the meeting. Questions emailed to DoT remained unanswered till press time.