Rotating diets: antidote to pet-food recall risks?

For all of his life, 10-year-old Louie has been something of a smorgasbord diner. The chiweenie eats a variety of brands of kibble, with and without grain. He’s dabbled in raw foods. And when he can get away with it, he makes off with a share of his owner’s breakfast.

That owner, Abbey Bellefeuille, got into a habit of rotating foods while trying to halt recurrent ear infections in her Australian shepherd, Luna. Bellefeuille suspected Luna’s ears reflected a food allergy. Louie got to try different foods along with Luna.

Both tolerated the change just fine, neither showing the stomach upset that can happen in some pets when switching food brands or formulations. Both dogs seem to enjoy the change and are healthy, Bellefeuille said, so she stuck with the practice. (Luna’s ear infections cleared up with age.)