Dog left seriously ill after eating bird food that had turned mouldy

Pip needs emergency veterinary treatment for tremorgenic mycotoxicosis

A much-loved family dog almost died after suspectedly eating food left out for birds that had turned mouldy.

Pip, a five-year-old Yorkshire terrier-cross, was in the garden when she came across the old scraps of fat.

Within minutes of eating them, she began shaking and staggering and was rushed to the vets by her worried owner.

Kefi Culkin, an HR consultant who works from home where Pip is her constant companion, described the incident as “really traumatic”.

She said: “I took Pip for a walk to try to distract her but she was undistractable. She started being sick in the street.

“Then she started losing control of her legs and it looked like she was fitting. It was scary.”