IDEXX Expands Catalyst and SediVue Platforms

Idexx announced this week that it has expanded its Catalyst diagnostic menu and broadened the medical utility of its SediVue analyzer.

Point-of-Care Progesterone Test
Idexx has added a new canine progesterone test to its Catalyst Dx and Catalyst One chemistry analyzers. This in-house test measures progesterone levels to determine ovulation status in potentially breedable dogs.

According to a company press release, about 25% of US veterinary hospitals provide reproductive management services. “IDEXX’s new real-time progesterone testing option gives me an actual numeric result versus a range—and provides results right away during the visit—enabling me to pinpoint ovulation and achieve the best outcome for my breeder clients,” said Michigan practice owner John F. Wilson, DVM, DABVP.

The product is expected to ship by the end of March.