Ljubljana Day Trips: Lipica Stud Farm

The Lipica Stud Farm is a piece of living history that will delight nature lovers, horse fans and those who’d like to step back in time to all the pomp of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and is well positioned for other side trips, such as to the Postojna Caves that are about halfway between Ljubljana and the farm, or going a little further into Italy.

Founded in 1580 by the Habsburg Archduke Charles II, the stud has bred white Lipizzaner horses for centuries, although remains part of a long-standing dispute with Austria with regard to “the true home of the Lipizzaners”, with Slovenia’s northern neighbour declaring Piber as the official centre. Moreover Italy, which for some time after the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire actually had Lipica within its territory, also once staked its claim to this heritage.

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