Dogs getting sick on marijuana,
Animal Planet emergency vet warns

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2014, there are now 717 marijuana dispensaries, “more than Starbucks,” he said.

“Because of the amounts of money it’s generating for schools and infrastructure, I think it will be everywhere,” Fitzgerald said. “The places have chemists and botanists, and so the stuff is much stronger than the stuff that we had (in the 1960′s).”

The THC level of marijuana has gone up dramatically and now registers as high as 22 to 28 percent in testing by Rocky Mountain Poison Control, Fitzgerald said. “There’s not a lot of regulation in the strength of the stuff,” he said. “It’s awful strong.”

Dogs are eating treats made with marijuana and getting sick, Fitzgerald said.

“Our problem in veterinary medicine is not in relation to intoxication but ingestion,” he said. “These dogs and cats, primarily dogs, because dogs have a sweet tooth that cats don’t have, they ingest the edibles, the cookies, the brownies, the pies.”

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