20 Super-Wrinkly Puppies Who
Prove That Rolls Can Be Cute After All

Having a “meh” day? Not for much longer. It’s wrinkly puppy time!

I’ve never met a puppy who wasn’t cute, but wrinkly puppies are some of the cutest of them all.

Wrinkles may be considered a less attractive trait in humans, since they are associated with aging. But for puppies? Bring on the wrinkles! The more, the better.

Some dog breeds, such as shar-peis and bulldogs, are always wrinkly. But they’re extra wrinkly as puppies, and therefore extra cute.

Wrinkles are obviously very lovable, and they also serve some practical purposes. But they’re not always “natural” per se. Scientists have discovered that some wrinkly dog breeds carry a specific mutated gene that causes their wrinkly skin.

Breeders then accentuate that trait over the years.

If you love dogs, it’s impossible not to squeal when you see one of these wrinkly cuties. Their tummy rolls! Their frowny foreheads! Their roly-poly legs! They are just pure adorableness from head to toe.


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