Dog needs £6k for operation after being hit by car in Nelson

The dog, who was found by good samaritan, Romina Carassale, is currently being cared for at Stanley House Vets in Colne.

He ran out under the wheels of a car on Scotland Street in Nelson, on Saturday August 10.

The owners of the pooch, who Ms Carassale has named Stanley, after the vets, have not been identified and unless enough money is raised to pay for operations, Stanley will have to be put down.

Ms Carassale said: “He ran out and I saw him go under the car.

“There was nothing the driver could’ve done.

“I took him to the vets that night and Pendle Dogs in Need have said they will take over his care and place him with a foster carer.

“His back left leg is broken and his hip and pelvis bones are shattered.


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