What to Do If Your Pet Is Overweight

A roly-poly pup or kitty can be an adorable little chonker, but if your pet is big enough that the vet says it’s time to lose weight, it can be hard to figure out exactly how to put your furry friend on a diet. Here are some tips to follow through on your plan, without ruining their diet every night when they start making puppy-dog eyes at your pizza.

Work out a plan with your vet

Just as there are many diets that can work for people, there are many approaches that could work for your pet—but it’s hard to stick to a plan if you don’t actually have one. If “just feed him less” hasn’t worked so far, you might want some specific guidelines on what and how much to feed your pet, and what to do in place of their usual treats.

Fortunately, if it’s a vet who tells you that your pet needs to slim down, that’s exactly the person who can help you formulate a plan. Make sure they nail down some specifics you can work with, or refer you to someone who can. The American Animal Hospital Association’s guidelines say that an appropriate plan should include:

  • A realistic goal weight for your pet
  • How to reduce their calories


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