Cryptorchidism in Dogs (Undescended Testicles)

Cryptorchidism occurs when one or both of the testicles are not in the scrotum (or sac). This is also called undescended testicle(s) or retained testicle(s). Although this genetic condition may not seem like a big deal, it is cause for great concern.

When a puppy is born, the testicles reside in the abdomen, near the kidneys. As your pup ages, they slowly migrate to their rightful location in the scrotum. In dogs with this genetic disorder, one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) testicles get hung up somewhere along their journey.

Both testicles should be descended by 2 months of age and should be confirmed by your veterinarian during the first “puppy exam.” Many people believe that the “cut off” age is 6 months but this is a stubborn myth. It is very unlikely that testicles will “descend” after 2 months of age.




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