Stomatitis in Cats

Stomatitis in cats is a chronic condition that results from severe inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. Cats of any age or breed can be affected. Stomatitis is an incredibly painful condition. Fortunately, most cats respond well to a combination of medical management, regular oral care, and near full-mouth or complete extraction dental surgery.

What is Stomatitis?

Feline stomatitis is a severe, painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. Gingivitis is a medical term that refers to inflammation of the gums and is one of the earlier signs of dental disease. Stomatitis refers to a more generalized inflammation of the mucous membranes within the mouth. In most cases, the condition causes painful ulcers and lesions to form in the mouth; these ulcers can involve the lips, tongue, gums, and back of the throat.

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