Cat's eye glued shut after 'lowlife' covered it in super glue

A cat owner has spoken of her shock and disgust after discovering her beloved pet’s eye had been glued shut and super glue poured all over it.

Claire Isaac was at home in Llwynhendy, Llanelli , on Tuesday when her four-year-old Primose came home and started behaving out of character and running away when her owner got close.

When Claire eventually nearer to the animal she recoiled in horror.

She said: “I rushed her to the vets and we got there around midnight. The vets were obviously really shocked and saw that glue had gotten right inside her eye and burned the top of her eye. She had anesthetic, had to be cleaned, shaved and they had to pull the glue from her eye.

“I’m horrified that anyone could do this, it has really unnerved me. What kind of monster could do this to a cat?”


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