Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass? Many dogs owners worry that grass is bad for their pets, but there are many reasons why your four-legged friends may be grazing on your garden lawn.

Dogs eating grass is fairly common and completely natural. According to the Blue Cross, some of the reasons dogs eat grass can be because they find it tasty, they are bored or even if they are suffering from an upset stomach.

Alison Brennan, Senior Vet at Blue Cross tells Country Living: “It shouldn’t be a problem that your dog likes a bit of grass, so long as the grass hasn’t been treated with chemicals and be aware of slugs and snails — particularly after a rain shower.”

Other reasons your dog may be eating grass include…

  1. Improving digestion
  2. Fulfilling some unmet nutritional need
  3. They like the way it tastes and feels


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