Indonesia wants farmers to throw away 10 million eggs to support chicken prices

In Indonesia, the chicken comes before the egg. At least in the sense that the government is asking poultry breeders to throw away 10 million eggs or give them away for free in an attempt to support slumping chicken prices. It’s hoping a reduction in the number of eggs that may hatch will shrink chicken supplies and prop up retail prices that are near a three-year low.
While consumers may be happy with the lower cost of chicken – one of the cheapest sources of animal protein in a country where millions survive on less than US$2 per day – it has been a struggle for breeders. The government wants to boost farm-gate prices to support the poultry industry.
The average retail price of chicken meat has plunged 25 per cent this year to 30,050 rupiah (US$2) per kilogram, according to the central bank-run Centre for Information of Strategic Food Price. That’s the lowest since at least July 2016, when the Centre started compiling the data.


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