Student vets have stripped off their scrubs for a cheeky naked calendar to mark the end of five gruelling years of study. 

The calendar has become a tradition for veterinary students at Australia’s James Cook University – and this year’s class are no exception. 

Striking nude poses with strategically placed hats, 40 classmates took part, with the proceeds going towards their graduation ball and a local charity.

Co-organiser Jessica Fleming said: ‘We’ve watched each year ahead of us create a calendar and they had so much fun doing it. 

‘So, when it was our turn to choose to make our own, it was an easy decision. 

‘All of us were super keen. We’ve all known each other for at least four years and are great mates who have a lot of respect for each other so the shoot was nothing but fun.’

Their chosen charity, Drought Angels, helps Aussie farmers in their hour of need.