Pricing Varies

On average, expect to pay $35 to $55 each month per pet. (Cats will cost less than dogs.) “Price is determined using a number of factors, including species, breed, and age, as well as deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement percentage,” says Liz Watson, vice president of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. And there’s usually a deductible—either per year or per incident,” which means you cover that cost each time you file a claim,” says Watson. As with health insurance for humans, the higher your monthly premium, the lower your deductible.

A Plan Could Save A Bunch

With most pet plans, you front the money and get paid back when your pet’s health takes a turn. (Refunds are based on a percentage of the bill or the national average fee for the treatment.) “My dog had cancer, and her treatment totaled $14,000 in one year,” says Jodi Andersen, chief dog expert at How I Met My Dog, a site that matches shelter dogs and owners. “Insurance reimbursed me for 90 percent of that. It can help you avoid being in a situation where you have to choose between your pet and your budget.”


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