Proin is a veterinarian-prescribed medication for dogs that contains the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine. This medication is indicated to alleviate symptoms associated with urinary incontinence, a condition in which a dog is unable to voluntarily control urine production. Proin works by increasing the tone of the urethral wall and bladder, which helps prevent urine leakage. Dog owners should discuss the side effects of Proin with a veterinarian before giving this medication to their dog.

Restlessness or Irritability

While receiving treatment with Proin, a dog may appear unusually restless or irritable, reports. He may be more playful than usual or may need to be walked more frequently to release excess energy. Side effects of restlessness or irritability may make it difficult for a dog to nap or fall asleep. These side effects of Proin are temporary and may progressively subside with continued use of this medication.


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