What Are the Signs of Over-Grooming?
Grooming is very important since it helps with the removal of all the loose hair and parasites. But cats also are known for doing it too much and that can become a problem. You will see that when there are lots of furs missing. This will happen on the belly the back and along the legs. This has been dubbed as “fur mowing” by vets and is a serious issue when it happens. You may see that the fur is barely there or that it has become simply stubble. When there is also a very high number of hairballs that is an indication that you have an issue.

When Does a Cat Start Grooming Too Much?
When you realize that you have over-grooming that is happening you need to work with your vet to figure out why the problem happened and what you can do to fix it as soon as possible for the health of the pet. Here are known reasons that lead to overgrooming typically.