We all have that one friend that treats their pet like it’s their child and/or best friend (yes, I am that person and yes, I have my dog’s name tattooed on me, what of it?).

You’d probably figure that a stellar pet parent already has enough stuff for their fur baby, including but not limited to pet cameras, chew toys, tracking devices, this umbrella-leash contraption — but you’d be wrong, because pet accessories aren’t always cheap, especially the good ones.

If you have one or multiple pet-obsessed buddies and are having trouble finding them a gift for the holidays, their birthday, or just an “I appreciate you” present, we suggest getting them something that will also benefit their animal companion — like they say: The best way to a parent’s heart is by spoiling their child (that’s a thing, right?) Before you start freaking out over the sheer amount of gift options out there (and there are a lot), take a step back and relax — you’ve come to the right place.