The WCMF is an organization born in Africa, led by a network of international veterinarians and wildlife professionals. Its mission is to bring solutions to a grassroots level by creating local and international opportunities and developing the biggest network of professionals willing to work toward the protection and recognition of wildlife. The reality is that wildlife needs well-trained professionals who understand nature and are prepared to educate the world with science and facts. It empowers visionary local leaders and helps them make of wildlife conservation a success.

Conservation medicine is a science that studies the relationship between human and animal health and global environmental conditions. This emerging field uses biodiversity as a pillar and works with an interdisciplinary approach. Conservation medicine—also called eco-health and One Health—understands the impact of the human footprint on the natural ecosystems and how, by breaking its balance, we are stressing not only the habitat but wild animal populations. Among other negative impacts, this is leading to an increase in emergent infectious diseases and toxicity that is not only challenging the survivability of wild endangered species but the prosperity of humankind.

The organization refuses to think that the impact of those willing to destroy is greater than the power of the professionals ready to protect. However, the path needs to be opened up for those who are determined to make a change