One young puppy in England has likely never looked or felt better since being adopted by a kindhearted veterinary worker and recovering from a nasty case of mange that left her body nearly naked without fur.

Though Jessie DeFreitas already had four cats and a rescue dog at home, something about the “beautiful eyes” of a small rescue pup named Honey mesmerized her when the animal was brought to the vet’s office by her former, negligent owners back in August.

“When I was told we had a new dog, I had to see her. She may have had mange, but she had beautiful eyes,” DeFreitas told South West News Service (SWNS), a British news agency. “The vet said if the dog wasn’t signed over to them, she wouldn’t have survived.”

“She needed constant care. I asked to foster the dog,” the 21-year-old woman from Crawley, West Sussex recalled. “My mum asked if I was sure because we already have four cats and another rescue dog at home. But everyone knows I love animals. At the vets I’m constantly asking about people’s pets.”

Three months later, under DeFreitas’ watchful care, the spirited pup transformed from an “angry and biting” dog to one that was “kind and sweet”.