Piles of pumpkins everywhere are sure signs that autumn — and Halloween — are officially upon us.

What does Halloween have to do with dogs? Turns out, some goodies from your trick-or-treat bag treats can be really harmful for your dog.


As little as 8 ounces of milk chocolate or 1 ounce of dark chocolate can put a 50-pound dog in serious or even lethal trouble. It’s the methylxanthines in chocolate that are responsible, but those chemicals vary with the darkness of the chocolate. Think of it this way: the darker it is, the more dangerous it is.

Raisins (and grapes)

Think the oatmeal-raisin cookies you baked for your Halloween party would be a healthy treat for your dog? Think again. Grapes and raisins have been associated with fatal kidney failure in some dogs. You never know if your dog will be among those who develop life-threatening problems after eating just a few grapes or raisins.