Has there ever been a better time to be a dog that belongs to a family with means? Hot on the heels of Moncler’s exciting, canine-friendly collection of coats, the Swedish rain gear masters at Stutterheim have rolled out a collection of wet-weather wear for our four-legged friends.

The line of dog coats, which arrived on the brand’s website this week, offers dogs the same protection Stutterheim’s human coats provide us. They’re cut from the same material (a PVC coating applied to cotton, which makes it flexible and waterproof) and features a brushed polyester interior to help keep your pooch warm. The exterior also features a reflective logo and stripe, making it easy to spot any dogs that might run off after dark. The coats even come in some of the same colors as the human-sized coats, including sand, black, navy, yellow and green.

Best of all, the new dog coats come in five sizes, each of which is adjustable at the neck and stomach with velcro straps. That means you can choose neck-to-haunches protection for dogs of various sizes, from the tiniest Dachshund to the burliest German Shepherd.