Holiday safety is a must, and that goes for pets, too.

Veterinarians at BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital has made a list of holiday hazards, some of which are less obvious than others.

Chocolate can be fatal for dogs. During the holidays, be on the lookout for chocolate and any sweets or baked goods containing chocolate. Table scraps, as tempting as may be to call a pet over to finish them under the table, can be dangerous for pets. Clear away scraps of turkey, turkey skin, turkey bones, gravy and meat fat.

Decorations look delectable to most children and many an adult. Be sure your pet isn’t eying items like Christmas trees, electric lights, water additives, ornaments, candles, tinsel, and potpourris. Gift wrappings, sparkly ribbon and glittery bows can cause intestinal blockage. And never leave a pet alone with a lot candle or hot electrical lights.

If your pet isn’t microchipped, the holidays are a good time to consider it – the front door swings open a lot during holiday gatherings. It’s also advisable to create a quiet space for pets who may become overwhelmed by gatherings.