Bad breath is often a symptom of canine dental disease.

Yolanda Ochoa, veterinarian and regional veterinary director of Fetch My Vet, told Insider that a dog’s bad breath should always be checked out by a professional.

“Bad breath or halitosis can mean your pet has dental disease, which needs to be addressed by your veterinarian,” said Yolanda Ochoa. “Dental disease is treated with dental radiographs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and scaling and polishing the teeth under anesthesia.”

And, notably, even if your dog has stinky breath you should never give them breath mints that are meant for humans. Sugar-free mints and other breath fresheners often include the sweetener xylitol, which is toxic to dogs and other animals.

You need to wash their food and water bowls daily.

Rover veterinarian Gary Richter told Insider that pet owners should give their dogs’ belongings frequent scrub downs.

“Food and water bowls should be cleaned with hot water and soap daily. Toys and bedding should be washed at least monthly, and even more often depending on how quickly they get dirty,” said Richter.

Laundering dog beds, blankets, and soft toys will not only remove odors, but also can help control fleas, as the eggs and larvae can frequently end up in bedding.


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