Whether you have canaries at home, or if you are thinking of having them, it is very important to know what are the most common Canarian diseases . Here we will tell you the symptoms of each one, and how they are treated. However, remember that any abnormality that you observe in your canary, the most important thing is to take the veterinarian. When you are aware of what your canaries may suffer, you can be better prepared for the situation!

It is one of the most common diseases of canaries since the environment can play against them. The main symptom of a cold is fatigue. You will notice if your canary sleeps much longer than usual.

Another symptom is slow breathing and bristly plumage. The best way to treat this disease is to heat the canary with a not very powerful lamp that you will place near its cage. Fresh water helps a lot in recovery.

How to avoid the cold: Place the canary’s cage out of reach of strong air currents. You have to cover the cage when the night falls. The most important thing is to avoid extreme temperature changes at all costs.

This is a deadly disease that attacks canaries . The symptoms that are manifested are: bristling plumage, inactive and decayed bird. The most notorious symptom occurs in the eyes. Most of the time they will be closed and the breathing will be agitated.

If your canary has Paratifosis, you should clean the cage daily. In addition, for each liter of water you will add 2 gr of iron sulfate.

How to avoid the Paratifosis : You must change the water of the Canarian birds every day and wash the cage frequently.

This is another of the diseases of canaries that occur frequently. Constipation makes the bird unable to defecate, or decrease stool. Lettuce or lettuce papilla accompanied by other vegetables that contain a lot of fiber should be given to the canary.

How to avoid constipation: Constipation is easily avoided. Feed your canary fruits and vegetables .


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