If you have overindulged over Christmas, the chances are your dog may have too.

It can be hard not to share tasty Christmas treats with them and even harder to fit in their regular walks when you are busy entertaining guests or visiting your relatives.

But well over a third of dogs in the UK are thought to be overweight, ­according to specialist grain-free dog food makers Canagan.

This is the most common health ­issue dogs have – yet preventable.

The right weight for your dog ­depends on its breed. Whippets, for example, have a much narrower ideal weight range to Newfoundlands.

But there’s a healthy weight range for each breed and Canagan have a simple guide for owners to tell if their dog might have a problem.

■ Are the ribs, backbone or other bones visible?

■ Can you see the bones from a distance? If so, this could be a sign that your dog is underweight.

■ Can you barely see the rib cage or not at all? This could indicate that your dog is overweight.

■ Does your dog have a large or bloated stomach that hangs too low? This is another sign that they may be carrying a few too many pounds.


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