The festive season is a jolly time of year for humans, but it can present a myriad of threats to the health and well-being of pets if their two-legged companions aren’t keeping their wits about them.

Among more commonly-known dangers like chocolate and sultanas, there’s a host of extra things capable of posing serious dangers to pets throughout the holiday period.

From heat, travel, anxiety and toxicity risks, Dr Anne Fawcett, from The University of Sydney has warned people of things they need to protect their animals from as festive celebrations kick into gear.

Dangerous food

There may be a few extra sweet treats around the home at Christmas time, which could prove highly dangerous if a dog manages to gain access to it.

The mixture of caffeine and theobromine in chocolate is enough to kill them, with darker chocolate higher in toxicity, Dr Fawcett said.

Irreversible kidney failure can be caused by grapes, raisins and sultanas and should be kept well out of reach of dogs.