An orange tabby named Vituzzo Superstar has demonstrated the incredible resilience that animals have—even in the worst situations. In December of 2018, the feline was accidentally run over by a car. He was immediately taken to the hospital and operated on, but the veterinarians were unable to save his hind legs. During this time, Vituzzo’s humans were on their honeymoon and unable to comfort him through the scary ordeal.

December 2019 was a different story for Vituzzo and his pawrents. Though it was a difficult year, the brave cat was fitted for prostheses and started to use the sleek, robotic legs to move around like his other four-legged friends. There were, however, some immediate differences. “It was not easy to get back on my feet with these stilts,” Vituzzo said on his Instagram, “or get used to not jumping anymore and not being the boss of the neighborhood.” But with the love and support of his moms and the people close to him, he’s proven that nothing is holding him back from living his best life.

Scroll down to see Vituzzo in action and follow him on Instagram to see how he continues to adjust to life as a bionic cat.


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