You’ve likely heard about Coronavirus by now. It can be more than a little scary when a virus like this seems to spread so quickly, but as dog lovers, many of us immediately turn our thoughts to our pups at times like these. Especially if you’re familiar with the phrase, “Canine Coronavirus.”

“Can my dog get Coronavirus?” Or worse, “Can I give my dog Coronavirus?”

First and foremost: don’t panic.

What is Coronavirus?

Though people are largely referring to the current illness at just “Coronavirus,” the term actually applies to a family of viruses that look similar to a “crown” when viewed under an electron microscope, called Coronaviridae. The current strain, which was first observed in December, is being called 2019-CoV. Other strains you may have heard of include SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Both of which caused a similar fuss, but have since settled down.