A dog walker is important in your life. Because you’re counting on someone to take care of your pooch while you’re saving the world, and it never gets easier leaving your beloved pet with a stranger. In addition, leaving the keys to your home in that stranger’s hands is not at all going to make you worry less.

As a dog parent, I get your point. But as a dog walker, I ensure that I take care of your dog like he’s my own. And I am going to share such a few things that a dog walker won’t share with you.

1.When You Call To Cancel The Walk, I Get A Little Bit Sad

It’s not always about money. I love your pooch and when I don’t get to see your buddy in a while I am going to miss him for a while. 

2.You Paid For A Half-hour Walk But I Stayed With Your Dog Extra 15 Minutes

I got your dog from the walk within half an hour but I stayed with him for 15 more minutes. Why would I do that? Because I wanted to. Sometimes I can’t ignore those cute and adorable puppy face he makes when you’re about to leave him. So I enjoyed the next 15 minutes with him playing and snuggling.

3.You Should Tip Your Dog Walker

Rain, sunshine, chilly winter, or a bad day, I would take your dog out for a walk. Anna from Doglovesbest.com says, “A dog walker is no different than baristas and waiters when it comes to a tip.” Well, you know what, your litter box trained dog continues to have accidents and maybe these accidents will be off and on for the lifetime. But hey, I take care of his dog litter box and all the potty he does outside the box! I expect a tip from you on special occasions and festivals. I am not sure how much the tip should be but we expect it from you.

4.When We Cross The Street, I Act like A School Crossing Guard

Bikers and other riders can’t see your tiny pup if he’s moving ahead in front of me. So, I would take his place and let him strut through the crosswalk when he is ready to follow me. Sometimes I get looks from him, but it’s ok, I am there to get your four-legged furball to the other side of the street safely.

5.I Cheer Your Pup When He Does #1 Or #2. Or More For #2

When I’m new to your pup, he might not poop in front of me at all on our walk for a couple of weeks. But after all the hesitation was gone, when he finally drops a dot of feces in front of me, I appreciate his way of telling me that I am comfortable with you now. This is important as well as a happy moment that our bond is being strengthened.

6.Sometimes Your Dog Won’t Poop And We Stay Out For Long Even The Walk Time Is Up

I think your dog is smart and loves me. He won’t poop during our whole walk just because he gets to stay a little longer with me. Well, you’re not going to be back in the next five hours so I won’t mind going for an extra lap across the block. He would do his business while that extra time and I never charged you for the extra time I spent with your dog for getting the job done.

7.Sometimes You Pay For An Hour-Long Walk, But I Walk Him For Half an Hour

I wouldn’t appreciate your thoughts for walking your dog on the hottest hours of the day until his paws burn and his saliva becomes foamy. I would get him out for a walk and we will try to find shade under trees in a park or somewhere else where he can pee and do his business comfortably. If your dog likes water, I will try to find him a place where I can cool down his paws with cool water and will give him enough water to drink so that he can stay hydrated. The rest of the time is spent indoors playing with him.

8.All The Photos I Take With Your Dog Is Not Just For You. I Show Them Off With Everyone I Know

Did your dog make a derp face? Did he smile? Did he wag his tail? Did zoomies? I will try to capture each and every moment with him I could. But that’s not just for you. I show them to all the people I know and also brag about it. I love all the dogs I spend my day with as much as you do.

9.They’re Coming Back for Those Bags of Poop

Ever witnessed a site of dog poop bags hanging from a tree? Don’t get frustrated yet. Those bags have been put there by someone like me to collect later so that no one steps on the poop bag while it is placed on the ground. But know that there is always someone who would come back to collect the bag. This way dog walkers don’t have to carry bags of poop the whole time. But when they’re going to leave the place, they will come to it and pick it up.

10.That Dog Might Not Be On Your Lawn

A little strip of land between the sidewalk and the street is technically a city’s property. So, if you see a dog walker lets the dog be on that place or lets him do his business, that’s probably because it’s not your property.

Well, dog walkers feel a lot more than you can imagine. Their own pets also wait for them when they’re away taking care of your pets. I hope you read the whole article and now know how we feel. Long may canines live!

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