If yours is a couch-pet then you know how cute it is to watch him comforting himself on the couch. Almost all canines and felines love to curl onto the soft furniture surface. Moreover, it’s such fun to watch TV with them on the same couch. 

Most of the pet lovers think of their pets as family members. They enjoy sharing their sofas and beds with their pets. And it entirely depends on how comfortable you are with your pets on your furniture. There is no particular rule of thumb in this context.

Whether to Allow or Forbid Pets on Furniture?

Generally, letting your pet on the furniture won’t create any problem. Yet, allowing your pet on your furniture depends solely on your preferences. Most humans adore cuddling their furballs on the bed while they sleep. However, others might want their pets to rest in their pet-bed. 

Many allow their pets to get on all the furniture, but a few let the pets to climb on particular furniture only. So actually, it is just an individual choice. Whereas, if you are a die-hard pet fanatic then you definitely want to share all your furniture with your pets.

How to Let Your Pets Have Furniture Privileges?

All the pet lovers will mostly want their cuties to share all their furniture. They want them to enjoy good family time just like all other family members do. But you do care about the cleanliness, right?

All of your pets mostly love to rest on the couch or bed. And the only thing you should be concerned about is the health of your family(which includes your pets too). Hence you must make sure to keep your pets clean.

Encounter Infections

Cats and dogs mostly get infected by fleas or ringworms. Infectious diseases can easily transfer from animals to humans by means of furniture. A regular vet visit is advisable to keep the pets safe and your family away from any infections.

Avoid Hair Shedding on Furniture

Pets shed some hair on a regular basis which is quite common. Grooming them daily will decrease the hair shedding on the furniture. 

Bathe Your Pets 

If your pets play outdoors they might also bring in lots of dust and debris. So to keep your furniture safe from all the dirt, just make sure to bathe your pets regularly. Moreover, clean their paws after each outdoor visit.

Use a Separate Bedsheet for Your Pets

If you let your pet sleep on your bed, you may use an additional bedsheet for him. All the shed hairs, dirt or debris will stay on his sheet keeping your bedsheet clean.

It’s often safe to let your pets on furniture after proper cleaning. But hygiene is not the only concern. Few pets start getting aggressive when you try to share the furniture with them. They also might hate other pets getting on the furniture.

The reason is that they think it’s just their province and nobody else shall enter. What will you do if your pets start acting like this?

Are Pets Ruling Your Furniture?

You must be very careful if your pet is trying to be dominant regarding the furniture. Edwin from Petlovesbest.com says, “When your cat or dog thinks that the couch or bed is his territory and no one else must sit on it. And he growls or purrs when another pet or family member is about to sit, then be aware. Such behavior can lead to serious consequences like biting or scratching.”

This is when you will need to train your pet to stay away from the furniture, at least when you need your space. Aggression should not be entertained.

How to Keep Your Pets Off The Furniture?

Is your pet marking the couch as his own territory? Or are you quite a lot concerned about hygiene? Or maybe you are facing a problem when guests visit you and your pet doesn’t leave the couch for them. For any reason, if you want to keep your pets away from the furniture follow these steps:

OFF command: Start training your pet with the “OFF” command. Whenever he gets on a couch, bed or any furniture you must say “OFF, Go to your place”. 

Rewards: Show him a snack and call him towards the pet bed. Reward him with a treat every time he follows. 

Don’t confuse your pet: Take care that everybody in the family trains him the same way. If your child lets your pet sit on the couch and you do not, then he will get confused. In such a case he won’t be able to understand what you want him to do.

On or Off the sofa: Once he stops climbing onto your furniture, you can sometimes call him over by patting on the couch or bed. Train him that patting onto the sofa means you want him to come over. And saying “OFF” means getting down.

Pet bed training: Slowly train your pets to sit only on the pet bed or inside their crate. There is a variety of crates available however if you do not have one, I would suggest you buy a wooden dog crate. Your pet should sit on any furniture only when you or a family member wants, otherwise only in his crate or bed. 

Litter box training: Most importantly train your pets to use the litter box. Firmly ask your pets to use the litter box and reward or encourage them when they follow. Clean them after they finish using the litter box. Never let them damage your furniture.


It is completely fine to let the pets on the furniture, still, it is an individual choice. Just take care of the safety of your family if you are letting them use your furniture. Regular cleaning methods and proper training shall solve all your problems. 

Enjoy your bedtime, your TV time and your outdoors all with your furry mates. Love them to the most and earn a lot more affection from them.

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