By Amer Jarrah

Petzone, a business dedicated to providing comprehensive pet experiences and high-quality pet supplies, has expanded its services and opened a new location in Aswaq Al Qurain on May 5, 2021. This new shop will service cities in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate in Kuwait. The Al-Qurain site is Petzone’s 17th store in Kuwait and its 19th overall. There will be freebies for first-time customers and buyers to celebrate this milestone.  

Store front of Petzone in Al-Qurain

The new opening is an exciting achievement for the pet store chain. “(Petzone) is a flagship store in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate (southern Kuwait) that is a one-stop-shop for all pet supplies and grooming services needed,” according to their media contact Amer Aljarrah. “(It) is still standing as an icon in the pet industry offering a comprehensive pet experience that satisfies the pet community.” The new location will fill the gap in pet supply stores in the southern Kuwait area. It is the only pet supply store of its size in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate. 

Petzone has been a leading provider of animal care in Kuwait since 2010. Every animal within their care is treated humanely and provided fresh food and water at all times. The staff has extensive training before working with animals at their stores. All animal habitats meet veterinarian-approved standards for maximum capacity limits, food, and materials.  

Petzone has everything pet owners need for their birds, dogs, cats, small animals, reptiles, fish, horses, and farm animals. Pet owners can find all types of products, including food, health and dental care, bedding, kits, and accessories.

The new store in Aswaq Al-Qurain will offer several services for pet owners. Its grooming services include bathing, nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning, dental care, de-matting, and anal gland expression. At this location, customers have access to tag engraving, aquarium, and delivery and assembly services. 

Not only does Petzone provide care for pets, but they also have activities for pet owners and their families. School children can enjoy tours, pet training courses, and interaction with adorable pets. 

Kids’ adventures include educational activities and a free goldfish with a plastic aquarium and food. 

Lastly, pet enthusiasts can plan a birthday party at Petzone’s event space for up to 20 guests. These parties include four fun games, pet gifts, slideshows, and a welcoming dance number. 

The Al-Qurain store will provide new jobs in the region for residents and service the needs of pet owners throughout the area. It will be the largest and most comprehensive pet care store in the region. For more information about this business and location, visit


Petzone is a growing pet supply and grooming store chain with 19 locations in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Since 2010, its stores have provided outstanding animal care to pets and their owners. Each of their sites offers a wide range of pet supplies, services, solutions, and educational opportunities to care for all types of animals.  

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