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‘World Elephant Day 2019

World Elephant Day 2019 World Elephant Day was established in 2011 by two Canadian filmmakers, Michael Clark and Patricia Sima and Sivaporn Dardarananda, the Secretary-General of

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Fecal Transplants for Dogs

Fecal Transplants for Dogs The term alone is a conversation-stopper. Fecal transplants? For dogs? Don’t laugh. Fecal transplants are making headlines as a wonder drug

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Bird Care Guide: Lovebirds

Bird Care Guide: Lovebirds Lovebirds are intelligent and affectionate birds. They are okay for beginners, but require a bit more work than other species. They

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Finch and Canary Diseases

Finch and Canary Diseases Aspergillus This is a fungal infection, brought on by damp living conditions and/or stress. Infected birds quickly lose weight, and are

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