A Veterinary Technician's Guide to Exotic Animal Care

More people are choosing exotics as pets than ever before, and they’re looking for quality care. Meet their needs and add an additional source of revenue for your practice by ensuring your staff is familiar with these unique patients and is properly educated about their care. This fully updated and expanded edition, authored by leading experts on exotic care, provides technicians with the knowledge necessary to perform essential functions like proper handling, restraint, diagnostic testing and surgical and anesthetic assistance. It is also a valuable resource for veterinarians who want to begin treating exotics and need a concise overview. Uniformly organized chapters make finding specific information simple, while the more than 180 images and 40 tables provide detailed and helpful instruction in an easy-to-read format. Species covered include avian, reptiles and amphibians, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, fish, and more. New to this edition: – Updated, detailed, full-color images throughout – New feeding table for critical rabbit patients – New table on therapeutic drugs and dosages for sugar gliders – New and expanded information throughout on husbandry, physical examinations, diagnostic imaging, sexing techniques and more