Clinical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians: Comprehensive and Hands-On Training for Daily Practice

Clinical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians is designed to aid in training individuals on medical calculations used in daily veterinary practice. It uses real world examples in the chapters, as well as the homework and clinical applications. The text covers basic calculations that a veterinary technology student is likely to encounter on the VTNE (national certifying exam) after graduation, as well as those used regularly from general to specialty practice. This course material also addresses the common fear many individuals have of mathematics in general, which tends to be compounded when learning medical calculations, as an incorrect answer has the potential to lead to dire consequences. The text is meant to simplify commonly used mathematical techniques, while putting them in real world medical context. Often math classes and their text books, work with only one equation at a time. However, in practice many of our calculations are serial in nature, relying on a correct answer from a previous problem to get the necessary result. This book uses a case study format for many of its assignments in order to provide the student with experience working with these types of situations. Clinical Mathematics for Veterinary Technicians approaches medical calculations as a clinical skill to be mastered, rather than an abstract concept. It is a comprehensive training program, which includes explanations of basic pharmacology and common calculations, practice problems, and hands-on assignments. This text could easily be utilized either in a classroom or clinical setting.